Department of Student Life


The Department of Student Life, supports the mission of Morehouse College and the retention, progression, and graduation of men by providing opportunities through registered student organizations and student life sponsored activities that are designed to cultivate learning, improve student development, provide leadership opportunities, compliment academic programs, and enhance character development.

Through the Department of Student Leadership and Talent Development and its activities, collaborations with students, faculty, staff, and community leaders to promote analytical and critical thinking, build interpersonal skills, offer opportunities for creative expression, and recognize and address current trends while preparing to become servant leaders through exploratory leadership, personal, and career development.

OSL will be proactive partners with students, faculty and staff in building community and enhancing student learning.
We will be:

  • Experts in experiential education, providing students with opportunities to acquire, apply, adapt, and reflect on skills, attitudes and talents for life.
  • Known for producing competent Leaders who contribute to positive social change on and off campus;
  • Committed to empowering a wide range of responsive and responsible student organizations providing cultural, social, athletic, academic and community service activities.
  • Effective guides for students as they explore who they are and how they relate to others.
  • Focused on providing a learning environment in which diversity and the open and honest expression of different views is expected and respected.
  • Supported by a physical environment that is attractive, welcoming, user friendly and meets the needs of the campus community.
  • Recognized for quality student service, which contributes to retention.
  • Models of the kind of campus, community and world citizens we expect our students to become.

The Office of Student Life Provides focuses on the three following functional areas:  

Campus Activities: Campus Activities provide students opportunities to get involved with the Morehouse College community. Through involvement in student leadership, governance, community service, and recreational activities, students gain experiences that positively affect their development while at Morehouse College and increase their chance for academic success.These activities also offer students spaces where they can express themselves artistically, culturally, politically, and religiously 

Fraternity Life: Greek Letter Fraternities and Social Fellowships are extracurricular organizations chartered by the College. The College encourages fraternities and social fellowship organizations to contribute to the fulfillment of its mission by promoting academic excellence, exercising collegial spirit, celebrating pluralism, recognizing the interdependence of campus organizations, and respecting the dignity of the entire College community.

Student Leadership Programs: The OSL aligns with the college's mission to s to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service. Using the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in Higher Education's six domains of learning and development (2009), which include knowledge acquisition, construction, integration, and application; cognitive complexity; intrapersonal development; interpersonal competence, humanitarianism and civic engagement; and practical competence the OSL will promote the personal and intellectual growth of students through co-curricular leadership development opportunities.

Sustainable Development Goals
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