The Morehouse College Chapter of the UNCF Pre-Alumni Association


Welcome to the Morehouse College Chapter of the UNCF Pre-Alumni Association (MCPAA).

Chartered in 1982 by the Morehouse College National Alumni Association (MCNAA), our organization was created to educate men of Morehouse on how to become effective alumni. Pre-Alumni chapters exist to stimulate the interest and participation of students enrolled at UNCF-member institutions to preserve and create further loyalty and fellowship between the colleges and universities, their faculty, staff, students and alumni.
Primarily we:
  • We provide leadership development training for members
  • Serve as the principal student fundraising organization for the College's Annual Fund Drive and UNCF fundraising efforts
  • Serves as the direct conduit between the College's alumni and its students
  • Operate to create effective by offering experiences and activities to strengthen and enrich the College experience
-2021/2022 Leadership 
256 People | 21 Impacts | 1,164 Hours | 33,221 Total Economic Impact




We are now up to speed on converting everyone onto Servant Leaders! For those who have joined after our migration I encourage you to check out the subgroups section and join a one of our subcommittees. As of now, we have three, being Events, Recruitment, and Fundraising, each led by a respective chairperson. Should you complete any activities or volunteer work related to your committee we encourage you to log your hours on this platform as well.

Also be sure to follow the instagram page @MorehousePreAlumni!

Dorien C Baker
MCPAA Co-President
Thanks, Dorien! — Kevin D. Chapman, Jr., M.Ed. Chapman Kevin D. Chapman, Jr., M.Ed. Chapman on April 8, 2022
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We are working with the College to get access to Servant Leaders. For now, make sure you are registered to be credited as an active member for the 2021-2022 school year. It is our goal after spring break to have all of over events and opportunities listed on this platform moving forward.

If you are not a member of the GroupMe, please register via the link below for informal communications.

Dorien C Baker
MCPAA Co-President