The purpose of PropelU shall be to have students grow their intellectual capacity, learn about their true history, and matriculate into higher forms of education within HBCUs through mentorship and provided opportunities in their intended field. The education fields pushed will be STEM, sociology, pre-law, and pre-med. We will focus on educating the high schoolers about the different routes and paths that they can take within those intended fields. After educating, we plan on mentoring the students in order to nurture them, and show them what it's like to grow as a young man or woman within their intended field. Finally, we plan to potentially provide students with opportunities given by actual professionals. We want to team up with many alumni and people within the fields to reach back to the students and give them the tools to succeed.
Sustainable Development Goals
68 People | 96 Impacts | 208 Hours | 5,933 Total Economic Impact