SparkHouse Capital


SparkHouse Ventures is a chapter of the Black Venture Capital Consortium. 
(BVCC) BVCC is a nonprofit organization with the mission of increasing the number of Black and Brown investment professionals in the venture capital industry, which leads to an increase of access to capital for startups launched by Black and Brown entrepreneurs, enabling Black and Brown founded startup companies to scale and grow, resulting in a close of the wealth gap. 
Sparkhouse Ventures is dedicated to providing education, exposure, and opportunities for students who want to gain an understanding of venture capital, product management, software engineering, entrepreneurship, user experience, and deep tech. 
The goals of Sparkhouse are as follows: 
- provide the educational & foundational knowledge required to gain an understanding of the tech/venture capital ecosystem through weekly in-depth educational sessions
- expose students to current industry practices through frequent sessions with industry professionals and hands-on capstone projects that mirror current industry practices
-  provide students with access to opportunities such as internships, research, fellowships, and full-time job placement, 
- foster an environment of learning and camaraderie which focuses on the sharing of ideas and workload among club members.
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