Healing Open Wounds Foundation Inc.



Healing Open Wounds Foundation’s vision is  to ultimately improve the mental health care provided to under privileged members in our “community” and beyond (local, state, regional/national, including veteran) by way of acquiring the assistance of well-rounded and clinically exceptional psychiatrists. In doing so we seek to enhance the development and well-being of the adults and the adolescents in and outside of the household who will be directly affected by the results of the services provided . Therefore, enacting a positive change in the behaviors of the individuals in our community, so they can better prepare to become the productive individuals they strive to be.

Healing Open Wounds Foundation’s operates in the context of a solution to an ongoing, ever increasing unresolved disparity in quality mental health treatment in our community.  With an emphasis on the underprivileged communities where the disadvantaged lack the financial sustainability to afford such services.

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