Black Sustainability, Inc.



Black Sustainability, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization committed to building the largest global network of sustainability practitioners of African descent. We provide support for Black Sustainability Network members and their respective projects. Through education, crowdsourcing solutions, raising awareness of our members, networking, referral programs and impact fund promotion centered around a Black and Green agenda, we nurture the social energy of Black leadership to ensure we create the reality we desire. 

In January 2016, we hosted our first annual Black Sustainability Summit and had over 2,000 attendees of African descent tune in virtually to our online event. Since then we have kept our annual summit virtual and in-person to ensure we connect like-minded people and facilitate development of a Black and Green supply chain. 

For eight years we have been bringing together intentional communities, Black farmers, land managers, funders, educators, water resource engineers, waste management professionals, alternative economists, wholistic traditional healers, midwives, land trust lawyers, enthusiastic members of Black communities and many more around the globe to share best practices and build a stronger network of Black organizations and leaders in the movement toward self-determination. 
Sustainable Development Goals
30 People | 125 Impacts | 235 Hours

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