The Cabinet


Section 11.1. The duties of the cabinet shall be:

  • Attending all meetings of the Executive Board, Senate Student Welfare and Concerns Committee, stakeholders meeting, and the Student Body;
  • to work in conjunction with the Student Senate, Welfare, and Concerns Committees;
  • Mandated meetings with corresponding offices of the College, in the respective area, at least twice a month;
  • to uphold the name of Morehouse College, enforce this constitution, and to initiate, coordinate, and implement programs for the benefit of the student body according to their position;
  • include non-voting members who provide counsel and advice to the SGA when pertaining to their specialized positions, and carry out all tasks as delegated by the SGA Executive, Legislative, & Judicial branches
  • The treasurer will correspond with the Vice-President of Business and Finance and, in addition to his regular duties, will act in the same manner as the Advisory Board.
Sustainable Development Goals
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