Morehouse Business Association


Since 1980, the Morehouse Business Association (MBA) has served as the organization for fostering its students’ leadership and professional skills. By continuously innovating its events and operations, by collaborating with fellow business associations and top corporations, and by always maintaining accountability, the Morehouse Business Association provides its members with the foundation needed to become leaders in our growing global society.

The MBA is organized and sponsored by the Division of Business Administration and Economics (BA&E Division). Within the MBA, other entities (satellite organizations) pertaining to business and economics majors will exist. Namely, the satellite organizations will be aligned with Economics, Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing. The satellite organizations will act as semi-autonomous entities, committed to the purposes and goals of the MBA, with their own Advisors, a governing board, and budgets.

Sustainable Development Goals
199 People | 114 Impacts | 244 Hours | 6,977 Total Economic Impact