The Black Odyssey Chess Society


The Black Odyssey (TBO) mission is to construct community and establish a future in which tomorrow's leaders are encouraged to be critical thinkers in all spaces, with a purpose to serve the greater good.
TBO takes a differentiated approach than the traditional RSO and aims to become a society indoctrinated in the study and teaching of chess strategies, and skills. With such minute offerings of chess programs and activities in predominately Black schools TBO fundamentally differs from the traditional organization through the offerings of a program strategically focused on chess which has failed to be adequately offered nor maintained by our institutions.
TBO cultivates and ensures a space in which students feel empowered to broaden intellectual capacity and analytical skills. Through chess play, communist interaction and a high growth setting players are expected to become more disciplined and well rounded

Sustainable Development Goals
18 People | 1 Impact | 2 Hours | 57 Total Economic Impact