Cali Club


The purpose of this club is to bring together scholars from the same state and build a strong community of local support, guidance, and fellowship. Our goals are to connect students to others that are from the same place to make long-lasting connections. We also envision introducing HBCUs to California culture. With our goals and purpose, we can help AUC students push themselves into leadership roles and continue their activeness in service.

Our organizations mission is aligned with the mission of Morehouse College, because we intend to hold multiple workshops which will cover leadership and community. We will also hold multiple meetings and events which will allow us to learn from each other’s experiences as California natives, and become stronger as a unit. The club’s overall mission is to make everyone feel comfortable, as we do get homesick; but I intend to lead by example and show the members of the Cali Club that complacency is a curse.

Sustainable Development Goals
46 People | 36 Impacts | 159 Hours | 4,524 Total Economic Impact