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We are looking for dedicated and caring people to spend time with our patients that are facing the end of life. Just a smile and a simple touch of the hand can mean everything to a lonely patient that has been sick for a while and unable to get out. We are also looking for administrative volunteers who can serve in our office.

Being a volunteer at Gentiva can be a satisfying and rewarding experience. This is a perfect opportunity to gain direct patient care hours if you are a pre-health professional student or want exposure to the healthcare field. Volunteers can help a patient that is terminally ill make the very best of the time he or she has left through companionship and socialization. Volunteers can also provide caregiver relief to the families. Your time and talent can make a tremendous impact on the patient and their family.

If you are a veteran we offer veteran-to-veteran opportunities and participate in the national We Honor Veterans program.

We are also interested in volunteers for Pet therapy, Music therapy, and Administrative duties.

All direct patient care volunteers will be assigned to a patient that is near where they live. Direct patient care volunteers are not expected to commute to our office to volunteer.

* Minimum age requirement for Volunteers visiting with patients is 18 or older.
* Minimum age requirement for Volunteers in office is 16 or older.

Please email Jasmin Woodruff for more information:

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